Written by: Dave Baker


Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin brand, is one of today's most relevant entrepreneurs. One of his most memorable feats in recent years has been his foray into space tourism, as he was a pioneer in this sector.


One of his memorable phrases is worthy of analysis because it mentions: "Customers do not come first, employees come first, IF YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR EMPLOYEES, THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS".


A large basis for its success is due to the attention it pays to its employees, even before its customers. With this in mind, it is possible to reflect on the following question: can an employee generate value for the brand?


Yes, turning the employee into a brand ambassador can add value, positively influence the market and affect positioning. This action is not easy at all, but there are some work points that are useful for these cases.

How to turn employees into brand ambassadors

  1. Caring and motivating
    Time should be invested to get to know the members of the team, promote a culture of leadership with meetings and conversations that allow knowing the motivations, interests, needs and feelings that they have during the work day.
  1. Train
    Most of the employees think that they can learn new things, although they do not express it openly, they consider that sometimes the work could improve with changes in their attitude towards the work or the knowledge they have about it.

    For example, when organizing meetings it is important to remember the philosophy of the company and what the brand represents for them and the impact they generate towards the market, the interaction with digital media can favorably affect learning about new techniques or tools both for work and of marketing

  1. Invite employees to participate in digital spaces.
    Keeping employees aware of the brand's communication channels is important, in addition to making them feel part of something through the company's digital profiles, if they feel proud of the work team they can easily share it in their social networks.
  1. Identify the most active employees in networks
    It is important to know the staff who can participate by making relevant comments about the brand and organically promote the interaction with other employees or potential clients.


Benefits provided by employees as brand ambassadors

  1. The brand is humanized
    Generating familiarity, closeness and emotional value can be achieved when there is a visible face of a brand, this action is carried out by employees outside the company.
  1. Provides credibility
    Consumers trust what people tell them more than what brands tell them.
  1. Provide greater range
    With the help of employees, a brand can be put to work because they can spread the company's publications or publicly represent a brand through their uniforms, this badge makes them stand out and promote the brand with their presence.




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Date: Junio 2022